Hazy Days

Nick | 19 | gay

You are alive

A Quick Thought

I wish I had only been a spirit
That came to you
In the wind one day
Just desperately searching
For something to cling to

While I was there,
I wish I could’ve been calm and fervant
Instead of breathing in smoke for a sad high
I could’ve inhaled patience and exhaled love

Then when I was ready
I would’ve gently left you
Like the eraser shavings
You’d blow away from
Every mistakes you made
On the sketches you drew of me

I would be gravity free
Floating into a distant abyss
Not caring if you remembered me
Before you died or not
You’d be buried with the
Sins we couldn’t drown

I would disintegrate with the Ashes of my last cigarette
I would rest my ashes
Where the ocean meets the shore

Because the tide
Kisses the shore good night
And never misses a single night
Even in death, I will kiss
Your cheek good night
Until the end of time


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